“We know and appreciate Veronique Gillet subtle talent of guitarist. Formed at Egberto Gismonti’s school, her music is neither jazz nor classical nor ethnical but all it gathered in a resolutely new form of music which evolves in refinement and subtlety while remembering its origins by transcending them.”

Francis Chenot, Une autre chanson, septembre 2003

“Trio Terracota, Savia There’s no shortage of two-guitar-and-percussion trios these days, but Trio
Terracota is a distinctive voice among the multitudes. Véronique Gillet and Fernando Freitez are
excellent guitarists whose technique and compositional sensibilities indicate considerable time
spent in classical studies. But while most of Savia’s 12 original pieces owe much to the classical
tradition—a few might even be described as neo–Spanish classical—they are all highly adventurous
and heavily influenced by ethnic and modern music. (Acoustic Music)”

Ron Forbes-Roberts (Acoustic Guitar Central:reviews) 2000 USA

“…Maybe one of the most subtle guitar player… Veronique Gillet allows her sensibility talk for
herself. She explores paths known by few but her …. Here again, next to Fernando Freitez,
(Venezuela) we discover a superb recording all refined and delicate .. along the ten tracks the two
guitars are never aggressive nor competitive but rather vibrate closely together and play a
repertoire of original compositions that nears contemplation. And Carlos Franco’s percussion
emphasizes with surprising lightness the extreme refinement of the whole. ”

Francis Chenot “Une autre chanson” 1995 Belgium

“…with perfumes from southern countries, Terracota trio offers with this second album «Tres
Elementos» a nice suite of fresh and sometimes impressionist compositions,…we would like some

Guitar & Bass 1996 Germany

“….simply beautifull, inspired CD, in a relaxed guitar atmosphere, with no technical artifice….”

Quirinis Mediendienst Aachen 1996 Germany

“…two guitars and a peasant water pot from Venezuela …nice, warm, strong sounds, remarkable
combinations and music…”

New Folk Sounds 1996 Netherlands

“…This time also with a guest musician, the flutiste Line Adam on one track, the delicate “Manantial” which ends these 3 “elements” (label Acoustic Music Records – Germany). To me, the air, the water and the fire. The air, for the lightness of the 16 compositions of both Véronique and Fernando. Compositions mostly dedicated to Egberto Gismonti. Water because all of them seem to flow like runing water. And finally an inner fire, full of conviction and contemplative ardour….»

Francis Chenot, Une autre chanson, august 1996.Belgium

« Quand Véronique Gillet nous convie à écouter sa guitare, on y sent les grands sapins dans lesquels s’empêtre la brume ardennaise. Mais on devine aussi, juste derrière ce voile, les étendues infinies de la pampa argentine ou des llanos du Vénézuéla…. »

Etienne Bours – Imagine – janvier 2006

“…dans le monde de la guitare acoustique, l’on peut souvent affirmer: « on en connaît un, on les connaît tous ! » Et pourtant, cela s’avère bien différent cette fois : cette première collaboration des deux solistes Véronique Gillet (Belgique) et Sandor Szabo (Hongrie) nous prouve le contraire !…
« Strings without Borders Borders without Strings » n’est pas simplement un titre dans l’air du temps, tout trouvé de par les origines respectives des 2 musiciens mais bien plus encore…cet album nous fournit la preuve irréfutable que les frontières entre jazz, classique et folk sont trop souvent fabriquées artificiellement par le monde de la guitare acoustique lui-même ! Ce duo franchit allègrement toutes ces barrières avec une étonnante facilité ! … »

Chris Elstrodt- Folker(Allemagne) – mai 2008

Sandor Szabo & Veronique Gillet “Strings Without Borders-
Borders Without Strings” 2008 Wonderland Records
Unexpected during a concert Sandor Szabo & Veronique Gillet met each other during a concert. Both guitar players detected their
similarities in music and this results in a cooperation on their new CD “Strings Without Borders”. On this album divers musical roads are travelled with much creativity and improvisation. The guitars they play are 6,7 or 8 stringed nylon and steel-string guitars. The music consists also of folk elements with a Hungarian setup. But also cuts with as well a touch of jazz and classical music can be heard. 14 tracks with musical journeys with no limitations are presented on this CD. Check it out!

Henk te Veldhuis Bridge Guitar Reviews© may june 2008

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