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le 14 June, 2017

01. Xarop F. Freitez.
02. Suite “La tinaja”prelude V. Gillet
03. suite “La Tinaja”danse des esprits V. Gillet
04. suite “La Tinaja” danse du feu follet V. Gillet
05. suite “La Tinaja” chant à la nuitV. Gillet
06. Cardenalitos F. Freitez
07. Baila mulata F. Freitez
08. Suite “El romancero”La aurora graciosa F. Freitez
09. Suite “El romancero”El cielo y los barcos F.Freitez
10. Suite “El romancero” las brumas nobles F. Freitez
11. Suite “El romancero” el real tesoro F.Freitez
12. Fingerindo V. Gillet
13. Berceuse des tropiques V. Gillet
14. Danse de Vijaya V. Gillet
15. Hommage à Schubert V. Gillet
16. Manantial F. Freitez Germany 1986

Trio Terracota:
V. Gillet: guitar-compo, Fernando Freitez: guitar-compo, C. Franco: percussions, special guest: Line Adam –flute on track 16
Produced by Peter Finger
Label acoustic music n° 1089 germany

In this album, three voices, three lines intertwin around the elements and draw us into
incandescent rhythms: in Xarop, (joropo: traditional venezuelan rhythm) or the two dances
from the Tinaja’s suite. Ethereal sonorities (Cardenalitos, danse de Vijaya) alternate with warm
and intimate harmonies reminding us of their classical roots (Hommage à Schubert, El
romancero, Chant à la nuit,…)

Terracota Tres ELEMENTOS amr 1089
“…with perfumes from southern countries, Terracota trio offers with this second album «Tres Elementos» a nice suite of fresh and sometimes impressionist compositions,…we would like some more…”
Guitar & Bass 1996 Germany

“….simply beautifull, inspired CD, in a relaxed guitar atmosphere, with no technical artifice….”
Quirinis Mediendienst Aachen 1996 Germany

“…two guitars and a peasant water pot from Venezuela …nice, warm, strong sounds, remarkable combinations and music…”
New Folk Sounds 1996 Netherlands