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01. Il vaso di Bartola V. Gillet
02. Rumbaloo V. Gillet
03. Arenales F. Freitez
04. Viento V. Gillet
05. Viejo camino F. Freitez
06. La vita di Matteo V. Gillet
07. Sacramento F. Freitez
08. Danza de la lluvia F. Freitez
09. Hommage à Ohana V. Gillet
10. E la nave va V. Gillet Germany 1994

Trio Terracota:
V. Gillet: guitar-compo, Fernando Freitez: guitar-compo, C. Franco: percussions
Produced by Peter Finger
Label acoustic music n° 1056 germany

Two Venezuelans and a belgian… an improbable union, considering the vast geographical
distances, it would seem…

“ What to say about some one who gives us such pleasure through music?”
Egberto Gismonti

Terracota plays original music in intimate arrangements with sensual colours, uniting
two guitars and percussion, instinctive music which delivers all its emotion.
Véronique Gillet (Belgium) and Fernando Freitez (Venezuela) are tightly bound
together in their compositions by a common taste for unexpected and refined
harmonies, for rhythms with a tropical perfume. This music radiates a surprising
complicity, in both sonority as well as a personal and original instrumental playing
Warmth which makes the wood sing and the strings dance.
Carlos Franco (Venezuela) is a percussionist impregnated with Caribbean rhythms.
He plays an unusual and poorly known instrument: the “tinaja” a water jar used by
Venezuelan peasants (close to the indian “oudou”), whose tones blends perfectly with
the guitars. Carlos Franco’s playing adds much greater depth to Terracota’s music so
close to the earth and its curves.
Lively tunes in trio or as a guitar-percussion duet (Il vaso di Bartola, Rumbaloo, Viejo camino,
Sacramento) alternates with pieces which surprise by their evocative power: in Viento, the
two guitars question and answer in the flamenco spirit, while in Danza de la lluvia,they fight
until reconciling in a dance. La Vita di Matteo (solo guitar) tells the story of a whole existence,
with moments of torments and serenity.
The other numbers explore a more nostalgic vein. E la nave va , which ends the disc, takes the
listener to mediterranean peninsulas.

Terracota amr 1056
“Sensuous compositions in the Latin American and European traditions give rise to filigree rhythmic and harmonic melodic passages. This is an invitation to an intimate, guitar atmosphere.”
Filou Magazine, Dec.1994 Germany