Dernière modification
le 28 March, 2017

01. Betyártánc Szabó
02. Borders without Strings Szabó-Gillet
03. Vác’s session n°1 Szabó-Gillet
04. Avanti Gillet
05. A short vision Szabó
06. Komáromi kisleány trad.Hungary, arr. Szabó
07. Strings without Borders Szabó-Gillet
08. Retrato Gillet
09. Running Clouds Szabó
10. Vác’s session n°2 Szabó-Gillet
11. FFLara Gillet
12. Wizzard dance Szabó
13. Enigmatic Encounter Szabó-Gillet
14. Kiskece lányom trad.Hungary, arr. Szabó-Gillet


Véronique Gillet guitar-compo
Sándor Szabó guitar-compo
Produced by Peter Finger
Label Wonderland-Acoustic Music Records n°9054 germany

“Once, I heard Sándor by chance in a magical concert somewhere in Germany.
We had never met before but shared the same label: Acoustic Music Record led
by Peter Finger.
Some years later, by the most extraordinary coincidence, we met in the middle
of the street in Sándor’s own town “Vác” in Hungary. This enigmatic encounter
led us to his home studio – by the Danube – where we started to improvise and
try all Sándor’s strange guitars (8, 16 strings, fretless etc,…). Those were the
first “Vác sessions”.
Back in Belgium – my home country – I started playing a 7-strings guitar which I
had kept for a very long time in an old dusty case but never had used.
A few Belgian and Hungarian tours later – this time not by coincidence at all – we
met again for new Vác sessions travelling among free improvisations, self made
compositions and renewed Hungarian folk melodies.
Very far from any political discussions on the new Europe or globalisation, the
music of this CD is like a tensioned string between our guitars and our souls…”
Véronique Gillet